Free Methodist Church in Cameroon. My mom was the leader of the Women Gospel Choir and she would take me along for rehearsals, says Suzan. Although I could not memorize the words, my soprano voice and rhythm was present. I was so proud to be in the group, says Suzan, who was five at the time. It was her interest in singing that led the leaders of the church to form a children choir.

At age 11, Suzan joined her school Suzan, born January 5th, was one of eight children born to her parents who were both Pastors of the choir and eventually led them to win many competitions. At age 12, Suzan formed her own girl group called ANGELIC SISTERS. The group, which consisted of five girls, was together for five years and won many trophies in singing. In 1998, SUZAN felt she got her first break through when her family band THE HEALERS, was chosen as the Best Group to represent Cameroon at the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia. THE HEALERS performed for over 50,000 people at the sports stadium in Kuala Lumpur. The bands first gospel album Heal the World through Prayers was played on the local radio stations in Malaysia.

Suzan fell in love with Berlin after visiting there with THE HEALERS and decided to move there in 2000 to advance her career in singing. While there Suzan has performed at many festivals. In 2001, Suzan toured across Europe with renowned European artists. That tour led to a solo tour across Asia sponsored by Starwood Resorts.

2004 she recorded her first solo single C´est Bon andvideo .

In 2006 she moved to America New York and started working with the legendary producer PHIL RAMONE. Together they recorded the song´s for the debut album of Suzan. In February 2007 title ´´ Beautiful life´´, followed by a duet with Songwriter & Singer legend " CAROLE KING ". The song " Home Again " was recorded for a compilation produced by PHIL RAMONE .Back in Germany Suzan performed as opening act for NELLY FURTADO´s LOOSE TOUR 2007

This is 2010 and l believe l have attained maturity in my faith and have got enough experience and the love, encouragement, peace, strength and inspiration from God ,my wonderful husband and beautiful kids have enable